# Upload XLSForm

When XLSForm of your survey form is ready you can upload it into the platform. Click Upload XLSForm button under the Actions column in Projects page:

An image

Step 4.1 In the Upload XLSForm dialog box click on Select XLSForm file field to navigate and attach your XLSForm (Excel file), then add your survey from's default language into Select default language field.

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When you are ready click the UPLOAD button.


UDACAPI platform will generate the settings based on Form details. Settings worksheet of uploaded XLSForm will be ignored. You can change form details by clicking UPDATE button.

Step 4.2 If the XLSForm has no errors your survey form will be deployed into the server. If you have any media / csv files attached to your form you will be able to upload them by clicking on the Attachments button.

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Now you are ready to test and publish your XLSForm.

Last Updated: 12/18/2020, 11:05:01 AM